GOLD Stablecoin: a transparent financial instrument

In the wave of industrial revolution 4.0, Blockchain is considered a “key” technology for digital transformation and building a future information technology platform.

With the ability to transparently share information and data in real time, save space, and highly secure, blockchain technology (blockchain) is one of the breakthrough technology trends, capable of applying. widely in many industries and fields.

Gold is an asset that has been proven to be valuable for thousands of years. Because of the scarcity, beauty and many other uses that make gold an asset that everyone wants to own. Thanks to the rapid development of blockchain technology, a digital currency was created — GOLD STABLECOIN


DIGITAL GOLD can be a standout and creative idea, for what reason? Because this mission is self-subsidized and there is no ICO. They offer an efficient, inexpensive, simple, secret and fast exchange of gold. This task means gradually smoother and simpler gold formation to promote and shape gold as a tool of exchange for its clients. As stated, this joint venture does not organize crowdfunding in any structure and is self-financing. As a basic development, they needed a billboard hub capable of receiving and selling GOLD tokens instantly. For the purpose when the buy is formed, the wise contract will immediately issue the specified GOLD token. In the mall, gold value data is accessible online, so you don’t need to try checking the data on different websites and get extra gold value data when it comes to money. electronics like BTC and ETH


The Digital Gold Token is an ERC-20 Token created and deployed on the Ethereum Blockchain technology. Users can utilize to simply purchase, sell, trade and store or transfer investment-grade gold. The GOLD token has been intended to travel be as a stablecoin, pegged to the value of gold. The ERC-20 GOLD token is upheld by physical gold, put away within the organization’s safe vault. As liquidity is ensured, the token appears as a stablecoin, since its cost is legitimately connected to the present gold spot costs. One GOLD token will enable clients to shop for inclusion of 1 gram of 99.99% FINE gold. Clients are likewise permitted to finish a boundless number of exchanges. to assist provides a predominant level of trust, all gold acquired through the GOLD token is stored within the organization’s safe vault, in association with BullionStar.

Advantages of GOLD Stablecoin

  • Safe: GOLD as a token fully backed by physical gold, is your hedge against volatile price swings and poor cypto market conditions. The token can be instantly bought, sold and transferred making it a great addition to your portfolio.
  • Secure: 100% of GOLD is backed by physical gold. Amount of physical gold stored can be matched against the total number of tokens in real-time. All physical gold stored in vault is fully insured, 100% of the time.
    The insurance covers all risks at full replacement value and is provided by one of the world’s largest insurance specie underwriters, Chubb Insurance.
  • No transfer fees, low costs: You can make as much payments as you like whenever you need to, free of charge. The cost is a small percent of GOLD holding charged daily on your GOLD balance.
  • High liquidity: GOLD tokens are issued by the company DIGITAL GOLD LTD, which is a liquidity provider that allows buying and selling large quantities of tokens very close to market price. Token holders can buy or sell tokens instantly at website or partner exchanges. GOLD token’s liquidity is exceptional, because the tokens can be sold 24/7.
  • Privacy-conscious: In the age of NSA, and almost everyone urge to collect data, GOLD is your opportunity to own physical gold while remaining private.
  • Protect your savings from inflation


Project roadmaps are essential for giving users insight on how companies plan to evolve in the short-term future. Here is the pre-planned roadmap of the Digital Gold project:



I see DIGITAL GOLD on the right track. With digital project platform and purpose, you can completely expand your portfolio, stabilize, ensure 100%, customer information is confidential, protected by gold material. In addition, if you are a lover of gold but hate the hassle of owning physical gold, then DIGITAL GOLD is your perfect choice.

You can find out more about the project below:







Username bitcointalk: LazerPanther

Profile Link:;u=364158




I’ve been skeptical of this platform because I think publishing content should be done on a long-term scale

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I’ve been skeptical of this platform because I think publishing content should be done on a long-term scale

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